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The Best Drainlayers in Auckland

If you need drainlayers in Auckland who will ensure that all your drainage needs are handled, the team at Hydro-Pro can help. With over 30 years of industry experience, our licensed, qualified team will ensure you’ll get great work on every project. When you choose Hydro-Pro, you’re getting quality plumbing, gas, and drainage - guaranteed.

Public Drainage

We’re Watercare approved contractors for public stormwater and sewer drains in Auckland and Albany. This doesn’t just mean that we’re legally allowed to work on Auckland’s public drains. It also means that we’ve proven to Watercare that we have the skills to do justice to the city’s infrastructure. That means that our drainlayers in Auckland are suitably qualified and trained, hold adequate Public Liability Insurance, and can complete work to high standards of safety and workmanship.

We take care to ensure that we keep disruption minimum. When we handle public drains near or on roads, we arrange applications with Auckland Transport and utility network providers to minimise public disturbances. Where necessary, we’ll also use directional drilling units in place of open excavation procedures, to further reduce disruption.

Sewer And Storm Water Drainage

Whether you need drainlaying services for a house, factory, or commercial property, the team at Hydro-Pro is expertly equipped to take care of all your drainage needs. Our drainlayers in Auckland can take care of residential & civil sewer manholes, sewer pumping stations, new public drainage connections, septic system installations, and effluent fields. We’re also able to handle all aspects of new stormwater and sewer connections. That includes installations of manhole chambers, rock bore soakage pits, sewer and stormwater pumping stations, soak pits, underground detention tanks and underground retention tanks. 

We can also take care of rural septic tank installation, PVC, PE, and reinforced concrete drainlaying, sewer manhole and sewer pump installation, plus any pipework requiring horizontal drilling & thrusting.


Are you planning to install a water tank for reuse as a rainwater tank? The team at Hydro-Pro can take care of it. Our drainlayers in Auckland can manage all stages of the process, from installing the roof guttering, downpipes, to the tank itself. If you need a pump, we can install that, too, and even connect it to the plumbing. Whether it’s for your house, farm, or commercial premise, we can get your tank set up.

Detention Tanks

Underground retention tanks & pump - Albany

Auckland City Council sometimes requires the installation of a detention tank as part of a development. If your drainlaying project requires one, just let us know. We’ll discuss how we can best provide you with a packaged detention tank solution tailored to your needs.

Sewer Pump Stations

You need a sewer pump if you want to transport your sewage uphill. It’s also essential for ensuring the proper transport of stormwater. Our drainlayers in Auckland have the skills to supply and install sewer pumping stations for all sorts of projects. We know each site is different, and that’s why we tailor all installations to your unique needs.

If you need a drainage project completed in Auckland, just get in touch. All of our staff are NZ trained and qualified licensed operators. Our director and certifier, Bryan Pollard, has over 35 years of industry experience. That’s why you know that when you choose Hydro-Pro, you’ll get a team with the knowledge and skills to take on any drainlaying job.




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